Winter activities in Hokkaido

Winter Activities in Hokkaido   Hokkaido is a very popular place in Japan for the Japanese and foreigners. Many foreigners tend to go to Hokkaido to enjoy skiing and snowboarding as Hokkaido is known to have some of the best powder. So if you are one of those people going to Hokkaido to enjoy skiing and snowboarding then you’ll probably want to do some sightseeing as well. And even if you aren’t going to Hokkaido to go skiing or snowboarding you may be going there for sightseeing. So for those of you are reading this, I have put together a list of events/places to sightsee. Sapporo Snow Festival   (picture source: (picture source: [...]

Most Beautiful Places in Japan

Most beautiful places in Japan   1. Wisteria Tunnel Ashikaga Park     (picture source:   Ashikaga Park is a park located in the city of Ashikaga of Tochigi prefecture. It can easily be accessed from tokyo as it is only about 2 hours away from Tokyo. Ashikaga park is most well known for their beautiful Wisteria Flowers. In Japanese Wisteria is actually called fuji. This Wisteria flower is native to the United States, China, Japan and is actually a very big part of the Japanese culture. The Wisteria Flower is the crest of many families in Japan and the kanji for wisteria makes up many common family names in Japan. The [...]

Instragram Worthy Cafes in Omotesando

Instagram Worthy Cafes in Omotesando   For those of you who are looking for cute cafes in the Omotesando/Harajuku area to take pictures for your instagram posts then you'll definitely want to visit these cafes below. This is a list of some of the most popular cafes in Tokyo amongst the instagramming girls in Japan. Not only are the food and drinks delicious, the food/drinks and interior of the cafe are super photogenic!   1. Nicolai Bergmann   (picture source:   (picture source:   Nicolai Bergmann who is a famous florist from Denmark has opened up a flower market tea house type of cafe in [...]

Top Onsens/Hot Springs in Japan

Top Onsens/Hot Springs Areas in Japan   Kusatsu Onsen (picture source:   (picture source: Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most famous onsen resorts in Japan. Because of the sulfur in the hot spring there is an intense sulfur smell in the entire area of kusatsu onsen. The quality of the hot spring water is said to be so good for your body that it can cure any illness. Kusatsu onsen first became really famous when a German doctor who used to serve at the imperial court boasted about the health benefits of this hot spring in the late 1800s. Kusatsu onsen is located jn the mountains of the Gunma prefecture and offers other [...]

Shibuya Nightlife Guide Part 2

Shibuya Nightlife Guide Part 2 Hey nightcrawlers! Interested in Part 2 of my Shibuya nightlife recommendations? Well here it is!   WOMB [Shibuya-ku, Maruyama-machi 2-16]   (Womb Promotional Image (Source: WOMB is another notable club located in the Shibuya area, but it’s a bit difficult to find if you’re going there for the first time since it’s a bit hidden in the backstreets. You might feel a bit wary because of all the love hotels surrounding the area, but the walk there can be a cool experience all in itself because the world seems to suddenly quiet down and there aren’t many pedestrians roaming around like the other parts of Shibuya.    [...]

Shibuya Nightlife Guide Part 1

Shibuya Nightlife Guide Part 1 Hey nightcrawlers! Ready for some late night fun? Here’s Part 1 of my nightlife recommendations in Shibuya!   Sound Museum Vision [Shibuya-ku, Dougenzaka 2-10-7]   (picture source: Main Floor of Sound Museum Vision (Source: The Japan Times) ) Before we enter Vision itself, let me first tell you about the neighborhood that it’s located in. Shibuya, one of the most famous wards within Tokyo is definitely an area to check out! To get there, take any of the many trains that make a stop at Shibuya Station.   Although there are several station exits, perhaps the most popular and well-known is Hachiko Exit. Maybe the name rings a bell? Hachiko was the [...]

Useful Japanese Phrases To Know When Traveling To Japan

Useful Japanese Phrases To Know When Traveling To Japan You’re most likely reading this because you’ve booked your ticket to Japan and want to know a few useful phrases for when you travel throughout Japan. Well in many places you’ll find that there are actually a lot of people who will be able to speak some English. However, it will probably be very broken English but still it is definitely better than no English at all. In most of the big cities in Japan you’ll most likely have no problem getting around because there are English staff and English sign everywhere but still if you were to walk into a restaurant or if you go to the country side then you’ll definitely have more trouble. So here are some of the most basic phrases that [...]

Accomodations at Niseko Ski Resort

Accommodations at Niseko Ski Resort     It is that time of year to go enjoy skiing/snowboarding. Many Japanese people as well as tourists will fly all the way to Hokkaido to experience some of the best snow to ski and snowboarding on. One of the places that I’m going to introduce to you today is Niseko as it is one of the most famous ski resorts in Japan. And if it is your first time going to Niseko then i’m sure you are trying to look for good hotel recommendations. So here are 5 of the most popular places to stay.   1. Hilton Niseko Village   (picture source: (picture source: [...]

Ultimate Nightlife Guide : Roppongi, Tokyo

Ultimate Nightlife Guide : Roppongi, Tokyo If you are looking to experience the nightlife in Japan then Roppongi is the place to be. During the day it is filled with business men working or people who are doing high end shopping, watching movies of visiting museums. However, at night on the weekends it is transformed into party central. People from all over the world and all over Japan will go out in Roppongi to enjoy a night out. In roppongi, you’ll find that the streets are filled with bar after bar after bar and night clubs that huge lines with people lining up to get in. There are a whole different genres of clubs in Roppongi in which you can choose from; hip hop clubs, R&B clubs, Reggae clubs and EDM clubs. As for the price of the clubs, it will [...]

Top Japanese Sweets to try in Japan

Top Japanese sweets to try in Japan 1. Taiyaki (picture source: Taiyaki is a very popular snack in Japan. It is a fish-shapped cake that is most commonly filled with sweet red bean paste. Although this is the most common and traditional type of taiyaki there are also places that have taiyaki with custard fillings, chocolate fillings or sweet potato fillings. There are even places that have savory type taiyaki. This is a treat that is believed to have started during the Meiji era. This is a snack that can be found in supermarkets and food stalls at festivals. This can be found all over Japan. It is very delicious and is definitely worth trying as it is a traditional Japanese treat. 2. Dorayaki [...]